All (most) of My Keyboards [#]

I don't have a lot of these anymore, and I've added new ones since then. But here's a few of them for the time being.

I have more in storage but I didn't take photos of them, so they're not included for now.

Daal [#]

I worked on this keyboard. You can learn more about it here

Built with hyperglides, plateless, and with DCS 9009 + Vim

Daal Front

Geon F2 [#]

I no longer own this keyboard

I have a plateless build with minks, but I dont use it much

F2 Front F2 Back

Evalice [#]

I no longer own this keyboard. I did work on this keyboard, learn more here

Evalice Front Evalice Back Evalice Logo

Trinity XT [#]

I no longer have this keyboard

Trinity Front Trinity Back

Raita [#]

Have another PCB that I designed, just haven't built it